Remembering 9/11

15 years ago, our lives changed forever. I woke up, took my daughter to the bus and sat outside with a friend and my 2 year old son. We were commenting on what a beautiful day it was and I was trying to talk my friend into “playing hooky” from work and spending the day with me. We noticed a lot of police cars zooming by but we thought something happened on Queens Boulevard (also known as the boulevard of death). We didn’t really pay attention and kept talking away. She decided to go into work and i went upstairs to put my son down for a nap.

All normal until my phone rang and after I answered it, my life was changed forever. Our world was was changed forever. My husband called to see if I was alright. I had no idea why on earth he would be asking me that question. He then said “have you not been watching television”? I answered that I was outside enjoying the beautiful day and had no idea what he was talking about. I then turned on the television. As the television came into focus, the second tower was hit by an airplane. I could not believe what i just witnessed. I thought it was a mistake, an accident. Then the towers collapsed. I could not comprehend how this was happening. All those people. All the chaos. All the hospitals on red alert for incoming wounded. Unfortunately there weren’t many people showing up to the hospital. That day 3000 souls were lost.

I remember going to my daughters elementary school and taking her out before the day was over. She kept asking me why she was leaving. I told her that I missed her and wanted to play with her. I could not get in touch with my husband anymore because the lines were all busy. I come to find out he walked home from Manhattan to Queens. I was in disbelief that all of this was happening.

I went to sleep that night to the sounds of fire engines and police cars  zooming through Queens Boulevard on their way into Manhattan. I could not sleep. My mind kept going back to the people in the rubble, the people trying to help find survivors, how is there this much evil in the world. Why? How? Why? How?

15 years later and so much has changed yet nothing has changed. In the past 15 years I have witnessed so much hate but I have also witnessed so much love and compassion in the world. The love has definitely outweighed the hate.

We have to accept everyone for their differences. Whether it be religious, disabilities, race, gender, sexuality….we must all accept each other. We live on one planet. Together.

How about we give peace and love and acceptance a chance.


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