the day of burps,pin pricks, and other happenings

i have 2 dogs. a black one named bella and a white one named melkie. little did i know after letting them out this morning that melkie would come in from outside covered in mud. MUD!! a white dog covered in mud. oy….. i  couldn’t get him into the groomers for a bath so i basically washed him myself. that was 830am this morning. that is how my day began!!

i was starting my first sewing class (yes, sewing) today. i was a little nervous. I’m trying new things. i park my car and proceed to the muni-meter. for those of you that don’t know what a muni-meter is, it is a machine that you pay for your spot and get a piece of paper with how long you have for parking and you stick it on your dashboard. Well, lets just say it took me about 15 minutes to figure this out. what happened to the old fashioned parking meters? this thing might have well have asked me for my first born.  it needed so much information to get a little piece of paper. i was talking to the machine. it’s a machine, it doesn’t answer back!!! i was talking to myself, unfortunately i was answering myself back!!! when did a parking meter become so complicated?

anyway, i get to my sewing class. i am one of three students. i  have never used a sewing machine in my life. the teacher starts explaining how to thread the bobbin, the needle, go over this, get the thread over that. what the heck? i thought this was a beginner class. the other 2 students have made their own clothes, and have their own sewing machines. this is a beginner class right?  ok i go with it. next thing i know I’m measuring and taping and ironing and pinning. in the midst of all this my glasses are falling off my head, i can’t see a thing, i am shredding the fabric trying to cut it. oh and as i am pinning i forget that i have fingers attached to my hands. in my head i am thinking that i am never going to come back here. i don’t care how much this cost me. in reality, i kind of liked it and i am curious to see how this thing comes out. i will keep you posted on my sewing endeavors !!

later that day i go to a bookstore. i LOVE bookstores and books. i ask someone who works there to help me find a book. he looks straight at me and says no and keeps walking. i just started laughing. so much for customer service! after an hour i find what i am looking for and go stand on line. this man behind me starts burping. no excuse me, nothing, just keeps burping. i thought it was a joke but it wasn’t. the guy must have had wicked gas!!! again i just start laughing. in fact i start cracking up!!! i hope this man is feeling better!!!

its now dinner time and i finish cooking dinner and move the pan filled with oil. it slips out my hand and oil goes everywhere!! i could cry but instead i just start laughing!! this has been one  the strangest, funniest days i have had.

the point that i am trying to make here is that you can choose to cry and get angry over everything or you can laugh and find that life is unpredictable and sometimes you have to laugh over spilled oil. get it? don’t cry over spilled milk, spilled oil?

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