your side lost. our side won. grow up and get over it. accept it. fake news. real news. liberal media. conservative media. blah blah blah. what is happening to our county?what happened to having conversations and agreeing to disagree? when did it become o.k. to insult your friends and family and get so down right nasty that relationships have ended over this? i have seen friends go after each other on Facebook and over the dinner table and what makes it worse is the utter lack of disrespect for each others views. so is this what we want to teach our children?

my son has a physical disability. he has charcot marie tooth (cmt for short). i have been told that trump never mocked a disabled reporter and that it is a myth and there are videos to prove this. whether he mocked a disabled reporter or not, does the way trump behaved during that encounter give him a pass to mock people in general ? i guess i am having a hard time understanding this. people have told me that is the way trump uses his hands when he is trying to make a point about someone else. as an example i was told that he used the same gestures while speaking about ted cruz? what is the difference?  when did mocking anyone become acceptable? by the way, the person who informed me of this has charcot marie tooth. he kept saying to me that i don’t have my facts straight and went on to insult my thoughts on the subject. how can two people watch the exact same thing but see  it in such different ways?

what bothers me the most about this entire election and transition period is the hate, anger and defisiveness that i have witnessed between people. the utter disregard for each other as human beings. every single one of us want to be able to feed our family and raise our children and live in peace. life hasn’t been easy for many of us but we must LISTEN to each other. we must have a dialogue that does not include hate, and name calling and insults but instead really listen to what the other is saying. paying attention to each other is the only way things will begin to change. that change may be slow in coming but if we are not mindful of each others opinions,  i believe that change will never happen.

so how do we as a society of human beings accomplish this change? i do not have the answer. i am just a mom who is trying to raise two kids to be tolerant,and inclusive but at the same time know that not everyone is going to have the same viewpoints as them and that is what makes the world go around. we must respect each other for our differences because if we don’t where does that leave us?

in regards to president-elect trump….we may have a difference of opinion as to the direction he wants to take our country, but we MUST give him a chance but we DO NOT HAVE to give him a pass on his behavior. we may disagree with his vision for our country and in two years we can vote in the midterm election and make our voices heard. we live in a democracy. that is what is so great about the country we live in.



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