i voted today……

today is election day and i voted. i took my son zach with me. i was emotional on so many different levels while voting.

i was not born in this country. i was born in brazil and came here when i was 5 years old. my parents were born in eastern europe and my sister was born in israel. my children are the first ones in my family to be born in this country. voting today had a very different feel to me compared to voting in the past. my father was a holocaust survivor. yes i said my father. i still have the star of david he had to wear on his clothes to differentiate him from non jews.

listening to donald trump saying he was going to build a wall and ban people from entering this country was so disheartening to me. substitute the word muslim for jew, catholic, hindu, woman or anything else and imagine how it would feel to be that person. my family knew first hand what it was like to live in a walled city  (jewish ghetto). to show identification (papers) to go get food or work. how can we in 2016 allow this prejudice and hate?  it astounds me that so much hate for others exist, but i guess it should not. when people are angry and feel hopeless they look to anyone that they think will help them. my mother felt that way when my father died and left her a single mother of two daughters. my mother never went to school past the 8th grade because of the war. she was in this country for 5 years when my father suddenly died. she did the only thing she knew how to do…she went and cleaned houses.  i used to be so embarrassed as a child growing up that my mother was a cleaning lady. as i got older i realized what a strong and courageous woman she was.  i am so proud of my mother as i cast my vote for the first woman to run for president in our country.

as you may know i am also the mom of a son with a physical disability. when trump mimicked a disabled reporter i felt sick to my stomach. i really could not believe what i was seeing. it made me so angry and so sad. i saw the look on my sons face as he watched this man make fun of someone with a disability. instead of getting angry and breaking my television i decided to talk to my son about it. i told him that unfortunately  he will encounter this type of hate in his life and the way to deal with it is to hold his head high and know how greatly loved he is. i really did not know what else to say to him.

i voted for hillary clinton today. she too is not the “perfect” candidate but i cannot in good conscious endorse a man that hates so much. i don’t want to hear about emails, pay for play….none of that will ever be worse to me than demeaning women, excluding people, and building walls and having pure hate in their heart. to me “love trumps hate” and “i’m with her” for my daughter, my son, and all of the strong women that have proceeded me and will follow me.